Friday, October 31, 2008

Inside Out

So I actually finished Kiri. Just in time for winter. Now, if I start another one, perhaps in something a bit more sensible for winter than the linen I knitted this one in, I'll have something too warm for spring - which would probably be when I finish it.

This shows the real problem with the blocking board I made. It's much too big to deal with, and too small to be useful. If this had been a full-sized Kiri, it wouldn't have fit on that board. Instead, it's barely large enough to keep a little bit of chill off in summer.

Oh, and if you think it looks funny, you're right. It's inside-out.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No Knitting Content - Avoid if You Don't Like Political Statements

I voted for John McCain in the Republican primary. Not because he was a "maverick," but because even though he caved in the end he stood up and said that torture is wrong and had good reasons why America's participating in it is a bad idea. I could respect him.

Now, it has been explained to me that I'm just jealous of Sarah Palin.

You know, I think there's something to that. Consider the following:

She started out knowing what she was talking about. But as soon as she was asked something outside her talking points, he had no personal knowledge and so she had no choice but to rely on her beauty-contestant training.

There have got to be a bare minimum of a dozen better-prepared Republican women John McCain could have chosen to be his running-mate. You know what? I personally don't like Ann Coulter - but hands-down, she would've been a much, much better-prepared choice.

A choice I could have at least respected.

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Almost Final Thank You

At the end of the Secret Pal swap, you're supposed to say who your secret pal was.

My Pal did everything right - right down to including a card in the last package with her blog address and her name. Which I promptly misplaced.

I also sent an email a couple of days ago to the address that she's probably not checking any more in which I pointed out that I am a complete idiot.

So, here is my thank you to my still no-thanks-to-me secret Secret Pal.

Oh, sometimes I just hate being me.

Isn't that a beautiful package? I think it's beautiful! That picture shows a pair of Regia Silk in color 0184, some beautiful Lana Grossa Meilenweit bosco in 3513, some scrumptious Hill Country Yarns Instant Gratification sock yarn (100% superwash merino) in a colorway called cowboy, and finally 3.4 ounces of Freckle Face Fibers 100% blue faced Leicester in a colorway called caravan. This just might get me to learn to spin - with the boring plain wool I got with my spindle first and then this. It's really lovely.

Secret Pal 13 signups start October 15. I was a horrible pal this time around. I think I'll sit the next one out, since I'd have to keep up with it during the holidays, which I don't do well to begin with. I'll be following along, though!

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