Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm alive, but not knitting much

I thought maybe I ought to admit that I'm alive, just in case anybody actually reads my blog. I haven't been well lately, and I haven't felt much like knitting recently.

I am, in fact, almost done with a pair of patternless fingerless gloves made out of Schaefer Anne. In the past two weeks I have almost managed to pick up all the stitches for the thumb. I have also started and re-started a scarf several times now. But I haven't really touched that in about two weeks.

I have, however, been reading like a fiend. I have re-read both 1984 and American Gods. American Gods is available to read for free on-line. Of course I had to see how the on-line book thing works, so I started it and had to go get my paperback copy to finish it. It may be possible to convince me to read a book on-line in bed. Maybe. I am not reading a book on-line in the bathroom. No.

I am not feeling well. Although my doctor wanted me to come back and see him in three weeks after giving me some free pills (whoopee - he really expected that to excite me to no end) but when I called and asked if I should be concerned about a fever he decided that the free pills might not be the perfect thing for me after all and referred me to a specialist. If I'm comfortable by next week-end, I'll knit on Thursday.

There you have it. Free pills = fear that my doctor is a drug-company pusher. Free book = sucker. You know what? I think that's how it ought to be.

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