Saturday, March 10, 2012

An adventure in Bear Booties.

I haven't said anything here in ages. I'm inventing a pair of booties for a stuffed bear who has one foot firmly glued to a stand.

I figure I might as well blog my attempt.

Foot circumference: 13 1/2" (converts to a diameter or approx 4 1/3")
Foot length: 9"
Heel height: 4"
Cuff height: 3"

measurements forgotten - length of foot before leg, circumference of leg.

Materials: Red Heart Worsted, size 10 circular knitting needles.

kfb = knit in the front and the back of the loop.

I use the magic loop method for this. (If you're a visual learner, like I am, turn the sound down and start at the 45 second mark.)

Starting at the toe:
Cast on 4 stitches - 2 on each needle. This is a good way to do it, even though that's a painfully slow video.

Round 1: kfb in each stitch (4x total. 8 stitches total. 4 per needle)
Round 2: kfb, k1 four times (12 stitches total, 6 per needle)
Round 3: kfb, k2 four times (16 sts total, 8 per needle)
Round 4: kfb, k3 four times (20 sts total, 10 per needle)
Round 5: kfb, k4 four times (24 sts total, 12 per needle)
Round 6: kfb, k5 four times (28 sts total, 14 per needle)
Round 7: kfb, k6 four times (32 sts total, 16 per needle)
Round 8: kfb, k7 four times (26 sts total, 18 per needle)
Round 9: kfb, k8 four times (40 sts total, 20 per needle)
Round 10: kfb, k9 four times (44 sts total, 22 per needle)
Round 11: kfb, k10 four times (48 sts total, 24 per needle)

At this point, my toe measures something less than 4" across all scrunched up, and I can stretch it out a lot.

Knit 4 rows around. Stop until I can try this on the glued-down foot.

Happy Knitting!

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