Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I should know better

I have a good life. Although I'm feeling more than a little behind the eight-ball at the moment, I love my job, my family, and my friends.

And sometimes I do things I have learned the hard way that I do not want to do. I'm talking about clicking on that link at the top of blogger blogs that says "next blog."

The last time I did that, I ended up at the last post of a blog of someone who was blogging his cancer experience. His sister was kind enough to let the world know how horrible his last twenty-four hours had been. And I had to read a little more to see for myself just how a person's psyche deals (or doesn't) with having the body disintegrate.

But that was several years ago, and I got curious, so I went random blog surfing. After the first few blogs filled mostly with pictures of craft projects and photography I dropped in on a blog belonging to a woman who was recently unemployed (again), going through a nasty divorce and had recently discovered a bomb under her car. Of course I had to read all the details about how the county doesn't have much money, so the bomb won't be checked for fingerprints for about six months, since she was neither killed nor injured. I don't know - something about the whole thing just made my brain go bbbbzzzzzzpt. You'd think I was looking for something disturbing to read.

As a matter of fact, I get plenty of disturbing stuff by just passively opening my email. Here's a link to a really creepy guy that a friend sent me. Ugh!

But there is some really good stuff on the web. Stuff that makes me feel better. Stuff that makes me laugh.

Franklin has been having experiences at O'Hare Airport. I'm feeling much better now. In fact, I feel a little bit as though I just ate some chocolate.

I think I'm going to go check up on my friend who's knitting his first scarf. That makes me smile too.



Anonymous Bobbi said...

Franklin always manages to make me smile too.

March 25, 2010 9:38 AM  

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