Sunday, October 07, 2007

Overdue Pictures

This is my wrist-let class project from the Mittens of Rovaniemi class. I was probably the last person in the class to "get it" and it's thanks to Susanna that she figured out that I had something wrong and what it was. She's a really good instructor. I was impressed.

I will finish the wristlet - I'll even make a pair. But first I'm working on a pair of sock savior socks. Here's a terrible picture.

I got the pattern from one of my Japanese stitch dictionaries. I've got to see if I can get those added to my Librarything account. (I've got maybe ten items added so far and a house full of books, so don't get all excited just yet. I can't even remember my username.) Ravelry will let me upload my Librarything book list, so if I can get it into Librarything, then I should be able to get it into Raverly, and *then* I can get a group going related to them.

Maybe I should check and see if there's a group already.

That's right - I've got to go get myself hooked up with the Mittens of Rovaniemi group...

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