Thursday, August 16, 2007

Make me an offer?

I've got a couple skeins of yarn that I really don't like that much. It's a color thing.

I really want to try out a skein of Schaefer Anne. I've got one. Look.

I just don't like those colors. Is there anyone out there who'd be interested in trading with me?

Here's my taste - I went to the Simply Socks website and made a list of the colors there that I like. Billie Holliday, Dian Fossey, Charcoal, Georgia Okeefe, Lilac, Jewels, Scotch Thistle and The Blues. Mine isn't on their page, so if you've got a skein and can't find a picture, post one for me somewhere and send me a link.

There's a giveaway with this. If you want it, I'll throw in one of these other skeins...

The top one is a sort of off-beige with complimentary colors, and the bottom one is absolutely salmon with complimentary colors. Natalie over at the Yarn Yard does beautiful work. These two colors that I got from the sock club are just not to my taste.

If you don't want to leave a comment on my blog, send me an email. It's a email address and the username is carolstone. Make the subject "Schafer Anne" or I'll delete it as spam, since that's *all* I ever get at that address!

I'll give this a week (until Thursday, August 23rd) before I do anything else with this yarn (like take it to SnB and whine....).

*updated August 23rd. Thank you, I've got someone to trade with!

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