Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ok, Interesting Stuff?

1/ Via the Mind Hacks blog - "[...] the authors suggest that, because love activates a long-term perspective that elicits global processing, it should also promote creativity and impede analytic thinking. In contrast, inasmuch as sex activates a short-term perspective that elicits local processing, it should also promote analytic thinking and impede creative thinking."

2/ Lots of Free Music.

3/ If you were wondering, I can hardly tell that I burned myself now. It's a little numb, but the skin feels like real skin and everything.

4/ This guy is really funny.

5/ Did I mention I saw Jonathan Coulton live at Toad's Place last week? Thanks to Chris for knowing about it *before* it happened.

Hmmm. ArchivemessagesR has run. That means I'm up past my bedtime. Oops.

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