Friday, October 23, 2009

My Day Off

I'm taking my use-it-or-lose-it vacation on Friday for the rest of the year. Apparently, the purpose of this is going to be so I can exhaust myself.

We got up this morning (slowly, to be honest) and I finished reading the book for our book group. The meeting is tomorrow afternoon. We finished the book, finally. Our first meeting on this book was in April of 2008. And it looks like we skipped the first chapter! Oops! I'll have to point that out tomorrow. I bet we were originally planning to read the first and last chapters together.

We then went to work, on my day off, in order to get our flu shots. This was by far the best injection I've ever had. Usually, they tell you, "You're going to feel a little pinch," and it's a big pinch. This time, she said, "You're going to feel a little pinch," and I felt NOTHING. The needle had some kind of spring-loaded return that scared me when I heard it go off before my turn, but I think it really made it easier.

Then we went to Kizl's for pierogies. Yummy!

Returning home, I changed into gardening clothing and headed outside. First I harvested my few small mis-shapen kohlrabi and filled in a section of garden I had dug up about a month ago. Then I planted my garlic. I had purchased the smallest bag, and I had 60+ cloves to plant plus a dozen to eat early. (I don't bother planting the very smallest of the cloves. There's so much garlic there, it's really not necessary to plant every last clove.) Then I planted my bulbs. I had to have had over 200 bulbs of various types to put in the ground. I've been planning this for some time, so I had tried to re-claim a fallow section of my garden over the last month or so. So even though the ground wasn't too hard to work because I'd dug it up recently, I was so exhausted when I came inside that I napped for forty-five minutes before dinner.

My sweetheart made chicken stew in honor of the kohlrabi. The ingredients were chicken, barley, carrots, onion, garlic, celery, kohlrabi, pepper, bay leaves, marjoram and thyme. It was really yummy, and I'm chasing it with a Guinness.

I will sleep well tonight.

Finally, here's a funny story for you from a blog I always enjoy. Have a great night!

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