Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sarah Palin: 1, Senate: 0

Well, Sarah Palin must be feeling pretty powerful. The Senate has decided to withdraw the section of the health care bill she claims she hates the most.

I read that section of the bill this morning, before it disappeared. What they need to do is put that section in one bill, give it a number, and name it something that states its purpose. And it should be required for everybody, regardless of who's paying for their health care.

Here's my nomination for the title: The Terry Schiavo Memorial Advanced Directives Communication Act of 2009.

As I said, I read the offending section of the bill myself this morning. If that act had been in place for Terry Schiavo, that whole fight about what Terry's wishes would have included a consultation with Terry herself.

The Democrats really need to learn a few lessons from the Republicans. The first and most important is that every bill has to have a catchy patriotic or heart-wrenching name. Patriotic is better than heart-wrenching when you're trying to hide something. Make sure you call something a restoration act if it's taking something away. That kind of thing.

And it's time they started using Sarah Palin's inflammatory language. Because if you think our current system doesn't include secret panels of insurance company employees figuring out how to deny legitimate claims, you haven't been paying attention. You know, like death panels. Secret death panels. Maybe Sarah thinks they're ok as long as they're secret and done by the private sector, so that investors can profit.

Well, as long as she keeps herself in the public eye, she'll never have to worry about her insurance company "accidentally" denying to pre-approve a contractually covered service. A lot of people with Down's Syndrome need heart surgery or other expensive care or interventions. Whatever insurance company is covering that family is not happy about it. I guess she knows that as long as she has a wide audience, she doesn't have to worry about being treated like an ordinary family that nobody listens to even after your child is dead.

Must be nice to have power.



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