Saturday, December 20, 2008


This is my contribution to the 2nd annual baby-hat project.

I knit most of them during the trip to England over Thanksgiving. I knit a very small percentage of the total hats knitted by my co-workers.

I like participating in this. In case you hadn't noticed in a previous post, I get tired of the request for money. Money seems to be spent begging for more money. By knitting a baby hat, I know exactly what my donation is going to. It's very satisfying to know exactly what my donation is doing. In fact, even if my donation were stolen, it wouldn't bother me. You steal my money, you're probably going to spend it on luxuries. You steal my baby hat, well, what are you going to use it for? A baby? Go ahead. Make my day!


I also wanted to make the Noro scarf. Unfortunately, the scarf wasn't too happy about this. I had inconsistent tension up the two sides of the scarf. I couldn't get excited about the colors. I started and re-started it a couple of times. Finally, I realized what was wrong.

The yarn didn't want to be a scarf. It wanted to be a hat.

*Sigh* Pushy, pushy yarn.

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