Thursday, December 25, 2008


Last night, we bought the ingredients for chocolate truffles, one of which was Cool Whip. I have never bout Cool Whip before. I was going to make the truffles this morning, but discovered that I should have left the Cool Whip in the fridge and not the freezer.

I did not have a plan B for what to bring to dinner.

In desperation, I whipped out a book a friend gave me a couple of years ago: The Little Black Book of Chocolate. I have enjoyed reading this book over the years, but I've never actually followed any of the recipes. I read through the book, desperately searching for something I could make with ingredients I had in the house. I finally settled on a brownie recipe.

I've never attempted a real brownie recipe before.

My co-workers are starting a "biggest loser" competition. I can't bring these to work until it's over. I may have to wait until after Eastern Orthodox Lent, just to be fair to everyone. But I will bring these brownies to work some time this year and I will be considered a chocolate goddess. They were amazing. I can't believe they came out of my kitchen.

Even if I didn't notice the instructions that said, "do not over beat," until it was obviously too late.

It didn't ruin the recipe in the least.

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