Thursday, July 10, 2008

Obligatory Fiber Post

I've been doing my weekly blogging to the questionnaire put out by Secret Pal 12 and failing to admit that I have, in fact, been knitting. Occasionally, I even finish something. Well, almost. I still need to finish making the ends disappear on this. Look, a whole pair of socks.

These are made from Tofutsies. I decided to do afterthought heels. I think I've done these before. In any event, they were a great success in this case.

Part of what made me decide to do the afterthought heel was the problem I had with the yarn. I found a rather large section of yarn that was twisted differently from the rest if the skein at about the point where one of the socks got near the heel. I had a lot of time to think about how I was going to deal with this, and ended up deciding on the afterthought heel.

The lace pattern really wasn't the right pattern to use for this yarn. Still, I'm happy with it. I'm making another pair in plain yarn, because you really can't identify the pattern here.

My big disappointment was the too-loose bind off. But when I tried the sock on, it would appear that the sock isn't going to fall down and nobody is going to notice this. Unless you look at this picture.

I'm a little tired of Tofutsies, but I still have another skein. And I seem to have a lot of this one left over. Ah, well. What's a stash for but to save yarn for a rainy day?

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