Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm too lazy to do this right

I got my act a wee bit in order. Not in order enough to put this where it belongs - in the sidebar. Later. After I come back from my vacation during which I will try to re-learn enough Perl to keep up with everyone else and make sense of the master class we're attending after the main conference has ended. (I'm going to YAPC. I'll be the idiot knitting. You won't be able to miss me.)

Anyhow, "this" is my Amazon SP Wish List. I now have more than one wish list - I used to have one in which I mixed up books people had recommended to me with books I really wanted but didn't want so very much that I had run out and gotten them yet, so I really wasn't so keen on publishing it for my pal to shop from.

Speaking of things I really wanted and ran right out and got them, I'll post a full library of Japanese knitting pattern books that I've splurged on. Later. When I get back. Or you can check out my LibraryThing list in the sidebar.

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