Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Can't Believe I Got Anything Working

Zowee. Today was the first day of a Master Class we signed up for.

I have done a wee itsy bitsy bit of programming in Perl since I took the introductory and advanced classes from Stonehenge back in ... 2001. That's right. We returned from Oregon the Sunday before 9/11. No kidding.

First of all, I brought my own personal tutor. Secondly, I've spent the week attending workshops where the presenter essentially read Perl code to me. Thirdly, I've gotten Perl working on my own computer (hah, wrong version) and gotten a couple of little (beginner) programs working.

But the amazing thing is that I'm actually doing ok. Not great, but ok. I'll work really hard to get some version of perl 5.10 working on my computer and get the last of the Catalyst examples working before I go to sleep tonight.

And I'm not getting any knitting done. Fortunately, I'm not falling asleep, either.

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