Friday, May 16, 2008

Murderers and Secret Pal 12

First I want to ask you to help a friend of mine, who's a mystery author. This week she was the featured blogger on her publisher's site and she did something a little different from what they wanted her to do. You know, marketing departments want you to push your books. She wanted to muse about murderers. As you may know, comments are king in the blogging world, and she needs all she can get. So if you find the topic interesting, please go put in your two cents worth!

Secondly, Secret Pal 12 has opened for sign ups! They're doing things a little differently this time. I hope it works better for them. If I read the blog correctly, sign ups close on May 30, and I think they're limiting participants to 300.

If you're still reading, let me tell you how I've recently wasted a lot of time - go to You Tube and search on Derren Brown. Watch as many as you can in any order that strikes your fancy. He's addictive.

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