Sunday, February 03, 2008

Unplanned Post

Well, I hadn't planned to do this. But why not? I'm not spending much time playing with this, but I'm playing with a WordPress blog here, and the content is the emails my sweetheart sends me entitled "today's news." He sends me a list of links with comments. Some are in-jokes or make more sense if you're a little familiar with Endland. Most of the links are to the BBC.

I've also been playing around with aggregators. Specifically, Protopage. I've made it a part of my desktop. Very interesting. What I like the best so far is that I can preview email on the page. So I have a gmail address with only one thing subscribed - State of Connecticut road accidents. This is working very well for me at the moment. We'll see how long I bother with it.

In knitting, I've decided that I must make Bloody Stupid Johnson. Just not right now.

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