Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Gift and Finished Objects!

I came home one day last week and my sweetheart asked if I wanted an early birthday present. Ok, my photo is a little fuzzy. It's a Cue Cat. It makes Library Thing much easier to use. I love it! Thank you, Sweetie!

He also got a quick-release post so we could use our cameras with our new tripod. Well, new to us. I took him to a Goodwill store and we found a really high-end used tripod for $2. I think the post cost him $10. He's been in America for over twenty years and this is the first time he'd been to a Goodwill store!

Meanwhile, I did finish two things. One was a pair of socks. These are really simple Knit 2 Purl 2 socks. I needed almost mindless sock knitting after my last two lace pairs. I also finished another clapotis. I have only made two of these in the full size and a bunch of little ones. I made this one from a ball of (I have to go to Ravelry to look it up, hang on...) Stacey Charles Ritratto dye lot 0010. 28% Mohair, 53% Viscose, 10% Polyamid, 9% polyester. I would not recommend to anyone making a clapotis with mohair, but it worked out ok in this case. There's only one way I can think of to describe this: warm fuzzy bling!

Finally, I seem to have disabled the blogger spell check. It just doesn't seem to work for me. Unless, hmm, lemmetrymisspellingsomething. Nope. Nothing happens. I have to copy my post into a word processor to spell check it. Hmm. I wonder what I did. OH LOOK! It's a known bug! I cause those all the time at work. Hey, at least I searched help before whining!

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