Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Whine, Whine, Whine

What a bizarre week. And it's not even over yet.

First, a very nice co-worker gave me a magnetized pad of paper. She put it on my laptop, which decided to forget how to boot immediately after.

I was able to switch my hard drives into another laptop chassis and I'm doing fine now. I was very fortunate that the magnet didn't affect my hard drive. One of our care managers accidentally erased his hard drive with a pacemaker testing device earlier this year. "Operating System Not Found" is not an error message I have reported to me very often. I was very happy that it didn't happen to me.

But the funniest/most irritating thing that happened all week was my cookies got stolen. I brought them in to share at our annual buffet, and the leftovers, which were about half the cookies I brought, left the building with a member of our cleaning crew.

I made more cookies tonight. Tomorrow I'll save half of them for a cookie swap and let everyone else enjoy them.

Still, I'm having trouble making up my mind, am I angry or have I just received a really big compliment? Those cookies were not the only food left in the kitchen. They weren't even the only cookies there.

Actually, I can't help laughing a bit. They were oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I wonder if he'll eat too many at once. Prevent colon cancer - steal these cookies!

Really great news - I got a Barnes and Noble gift certificate from my Secret Santa. It turns out you can use a gift certificate to pay for anything on the B&N site - including used books for sale from third-parties. That was why I wanted a gift certificate - I can get more books for my buck if I buy used, but nobody's comfortable giving used books. So this was perfect. Happy me!

Knitting news is sparse. I owe this blog a picture of a pair of finished socks; I figured out that I was sewing up my sweater in the wrong order; and I'm in the middle of yet another pair of socks.

'till next time....

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Anonymous Krafty1 said...

Maybe the thief was constipated and the "colon blow" cookies were just the relief they needed in order to enjoy their holiday. Just provided a random act of kindness without even trying!

December 20, 2007 9:33 AM  

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