Saturday, December 22, 2007

This May Be a Bit Heavy

I generally avoid saying anything on this blog about politics or religion. I would argue that both topics are difficult to do well, which is why there is so much spittle in the public conversation surrounding both.

But occasionally I get fooled into thinking perhaps, if I could invite a few people into my world, I might find that there are more people like myself than I realize.

Warning: If you get what I'm getting at, you will always be able to find an uncomfortable place in yourself after this. This looks like a religious question, but it's also about the famous "Human Condition" and the relationship between the self and the other. I'm not proud of the number of years it took me to figure this out for myself nor of the fact that I still catch myself behaving exactly the opposite of what I believe is right.

What is the difference between Righteousness and Self-Righteousness?

(Edited 1/1/08. Video had been removed, so I removed the link to it, since it was really ugly and cutting into my sidebar.)

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