Friday, December 28, 2007

Another Clapotis on the Needles

I'm on the foot of another pair of socks, and I've given up and started another Clapotis. I have yarn that doesn't want to be anything else. It's quite irritating, actually. I'll swatch a yarn or knit something with it and not quite have the right amount of yarn and I'll throw up my hands and realize that the yarn just wants to be a Clapotis. Good grief. What did yarn do with itself before the Clapotis?

In other news, sometimes you juts gotta say HUH???? Case in point. If I say the name AOL to you, do you not immediately wonder how many "install AOL now with this free CD!" offers you received in the mail over the years? You do know that the software AOL uses includes an embedded version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer software, right? So, I wonder, is it just slightly possible that AOL might have been able to avoid this? Perhaps they could've shipped their own browser? Maybe?

And finally, the article I'm about to link to is not funny. But I dare you to read this headline and not snicker. I do hope everybody's ok.

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