Sunday, April 01, 2007

Storage, Kitty picture, and a Funny

My sweetheart needed an ink cartridge, so we stopped at our local office-superstore. There I always like to browse through the clearance items, and yesterday I hit the jackpot! These were $11.90 each. He thought I was going to split them with him - two for him and two for me, but I've already filled three. It's amazing. Instead of having my stash stashed in boxes and bags and nooks and crannies and on the floor next to the bed, I've got my inventory accessible and laid out in front of me. It's wonderful!

See that purple thing on top? It's a scarf.

Oh, and we got some clearance Cadbury chocolate fingers, too. Mmm.

Edelweiss has been staying warm on the chilly nights. Or napping during the day. You know, being a kitty.

By the way, have you had it with all the pharmaceutical ads? Watch this!

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