Sunday, March 25, 2007

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Oh, that was awful. I just accidentally posted this to the Yarn Yard Club blog. My apologies to anyone who subscribes to that. AAARGH. Sorry. Blech. But I did figure out why I couldn't put a title on my post ... and I'm leaving the nutty comments about how I can't at the bottom of this one, just so anyone who reads it can laugh at me!

I love the IgNobel awards. I love geek humor. (I really enjoy economist jokes, too.)

But this winner of an IgNobel award is simply an example of what happens to a certain kind of human being after surviving a close-encounter with a grizzley bear. Nope, this isn't the guy who decided that bears were wonderful and after camping peacefully in their midst for many years ended up dinner. This is the guy who decided that nobody should have to be afraid of a grizzley.

Allow me to suggest that you watch the following three clips from YouTube in the order presented, and then read the article at the end. The guy's a hero, yes, but...well, you'll see.

Make sure you can hear the sound with this. You'll be convinced that this is not a viable solution.
Watch me first.

Then you'll be impressed with the improvements:
Watch me second.

And finally, this is what it has come to. Watch for the clock.
Watch me last.

Here's the article that alerted me to this unbelievable feat of invention:
Inventor touts Robocop-style armour for use in Iraq

When I talk about the human spirit, this is the kind of thing I'm talking about.

Oh, and I discovered this link this week. Neil Gaiman's web journal.

Oh, and did I mention that I gave in and bought Knit Visualizer? Yep. Worth every penny.

And I have somehow managed to lose the ability to give my post a title. Huh? There used to be a place to put the title. Blech. I gotta move this blog to my own server...


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