Saturday, December 09, 2006

Too lazy to post pictures

Just so you know I'm still alive...

My Secret Pal asked if quantities are limited at Zooba. Yes. You occasionally get notices that a book in your queue has been sold out before you got your copy. If you go to the very bottom of their home page you can read the note, "Powered by Book-of-the-Month®." I think this means that Zooba is the Book-of-the-Month outlet store, but I could be mistaken.

By the way, Pal, I've already finished reading Knitting Around. Thank you SO MUCH! I still need to post pictures of the wonderful package you sent me. That yarn is absolutely perfect. As soon as I finish the socks I'm working on, those two skeins you sent me are going on the needles. Yummy!

I would like to also say a very special thank-you to my other commenter at my last post. By reading her blog and by following links from her blog, I discovered there's a You Knit What 2 blog! I was very sad when You Knit What said they were retiring. Thank you Knitting Rose!

In other news, we went to Washington D.C. last week-end and took a sum total of zero pictures, missed our one opportunity to go to the Trio diner for breakfast, and spent an hour looking for a parking place after spending seven hours driving there. We also saw several old friends and met some new ones. We're glad we went.

Also, I have to finish reading a book in time for a book discussion tomorrow. Ah, yes, the book is: Inheriting the Holy Land: An American's Search for Hope in the Middle East, by Jennifer Miller. I'm at around page 100 and it's a very interesting book. It's a great follow-up to the movie Promises, which we saw in August of 2005.

And finally, my mother is going in for knee replacement surgery on Monday. She's going to be home just in time for Christmas. She's very excited about the prospect of having two legs the same length again and being able to walk without pain in a few months. I'm hopeful that this will improve the quality of her life.

'Till next time...


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