Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Where do I get my Knitting Books?

Today I am going to give you a money-saving tip.

I purchased the $24.95 book Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch for $9.95.

I also purchased the $35.00 hardcover book Inspired Cable Knits by Fiona Ellis for $9.95.

I've missed a couple that I really wished I had bought, and ended up paying full price for them.

But I figure I ought to let you in on my secret ... after all, don't you deserve something for reading my blog?


I have no idea if they ship out of the country. Since shipping is free, I can't imagine that they do. But you never can tell until you try.

Good luck.

I'm gonna go make sure I get my copy of Mason Dixon Knitting by Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne before you get there, though!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds too good to be true! So when you say you missed out on a book, does that mean there are limited quantities of the books at Zooba?

your SP9

November 28, 2006 2:41 PM  
Blogger Knitting Rose said...

Very cool - thank you for sharing your secret! I love reading almost as much as I love knitting!

December 06, 2006 6:00 PM  

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