Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Last Week

This is such an overdue post it isn't funny.

My Sweetheart has gone off to England for two weeks and I haven't published the photos I took before he left. He's been gone a week. I am going only slightly out of my mind. (Good song, by the way.)

Anyhow, I've been doing another pair of socks. (If you're surprised, you're new here.)

And after informing my friend (who has offered me a bribe of sock yarn) that I really have had my fill of the clapotis for a while, but she'd better get the yarn before it went completely out of stock everywhere, I knitted a half a scarf.

I think it might have been the promise of sock yarn that did it.

Now for the gardening. Here's a picture of some of the happy plants in my tubs. I've now finished four of them, but at the time of this photo had only filled two. I think my plants like it in there.

I do not have any cute little bunny (jackrabbit!) photos to show you. If I did, you would see why I'm doing all my gardening on my back deck. Take a look at my vertigro.

Yep. This is what happens when insane people are taken by their friends to Disneyworld. We went on the greenhouse tour. I bought a vertigro. This year I planted chard in my original vertigro - the 1-high model.

In my 2x2 model I planted two kinds of beans, broccoli raab, beets on top and a couple marigolds to help attract bees. Nope, I don't see the marigolds anywhere either. I don't think it really matters. I've got baby beans growing right now.

My sweetheart comes back in a week. Just in time for the harvest.


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