Saturday, May 20, 2006

Two Socks and a Funeral

I just spent a whirlwind two days in England to attend my sweetheart's mother's funeral. Three and a half days, if you include traveling. I woke up yesterday in my own bed, looked out the window and thought, "Hmm, it's raining. Must be England." In truth, there has been considerably more rain here in Connecticut than there has been in London this past month. The southeast of England is suffering from a drought!

On the trip out, I wore the socks my sock pal sent me! I really couldn't believe she picked the perfect colors for me. The awful information I gave her was to avoid oranges and greens and that I prefer pastels - but that could've gotten her to the socks I'm knitting right now which I do not like, even though they're pink and purple. I hadn't realized when I contacted her that I really dislike the self-patterning yarns. What she picked was perfect, and I don't know how she did it. And they're sooooooo comfortable as well as pretty! These are the only pretty socks I own - no kidding!

Meanwhile I'm thinking about the SP8 questions I answered in such haste between sending my love to England and following him. I'm going to set up a wish list ... if only so this kind stranger can get a sense of my taste!

But right now I have to get to the dump before they close. Yuck.


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