Saturday, May 27, 2006

Grandfather's Revenge

My grandfather got his revenge this week. I bought myself a couple holes in the ground looking for the hatch to the septic tank. We managed to get 36 years out of the system without having it pumped. Nope, I'm not doing that again.

We thought the bird house marked the place to dig. We have a map which infers the distance to the tank from the house is 75 feet and that would bring you to a bird house out in the back yard which I've been afraid to move for years.

It turns out the tank is a minimum of 75 feet from the well, and it was marked by a poppy. Heh. It's going to drive me crazy trying to figure out what that bird house was supposed to mark, if anything. My grandfather really knew how to get me, eh?

In my next post I will post some of what I'm currently knitting, including a pair of socks which I do not like, but am going to finish and wear happily. Apparently, I don't like self-patterning yarn. I find handpainted or faux handpainted delightful. Go figure.


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