Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Three Errors Makes One Redo

Ok, fine. I mostly finished my gauge swatch socks. There's no photo because yours truly wants to rip out the cast off and do that part a third time before letting anyone see them. But they're otherwise done.

So in my haste to actually start my sockapalooza socks, I set my gauge swatch socks aside and cast on. Everything went well for about an inch and a half. At this point I decided that I must've messed up, because one sock had green pooling on the front, and the other sock had green pooling on the back. So I rotated one sock by half the stitches and discovered that the striping was angling off in opposite directions, causing me to decide that I must've wound the yarn from the opposite end of the skein on one of them.

I decided to forge ahead and see what happened. I got to the end of the cuff section and started on a fancy and pointless little knit/purl pattern I had come up with. Busy sock yarn means the pattern is the fancy colors.

So I frogged the pair and re-wound one of the skeins from the other end. I am now almost back to where I was when I frogged and the first two "problems" are still there.

However, I decided to make a tutorial with my redo. I've learned so much from so many people on the internet, I decided instead of just casting on and having a good time, I'd help out the next person trying to learn to make two socks on one long circular. I took the pictures. Now all I have to do is decide if I'm going to put my tutorial on my blog, or if I want to put it on my website.

The photos you see here are probably my rejects. The one on the right isn't too bad, but I have a better one (not so dark).

The yarn is yummy, isn't it? I just had to get used to it. If I wanted perfectly symmetrical socks, I should have purchased machine-dyed yarn, right? Right.

It's a really good thing I never wear green, or I'd have a hard time parting with these. They are already turning out really pretty.


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