Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Well, it turns out he has bigger feet than I thought.

My first socks are for my sweetheart, and this is the first time I've managed to get them sized so he can get them over his heel. So far, so good. But I was surprised to discover just how long his foot is! Ok, he's not a Sasquatch, but those aren't tiny little feet, either! (They hold him up; they're the right size, right?)

Anyhow, I'm about half done with the feet, and I'll have to do another of the heel to make the toe. To be honest, I didn't enjoy that heel very much, even though I was thrilled that it was successful. I've just found a bunch of heels and toes, all in one place, so I'll probably do some experimentation on my next pair (since they're for me).

And next Tuesday I'm going to sign up for Sockapalooza! In preparation, I joined socknitters and I'm reading sock knitter's blogs. Alison says if you've knitted socks before, you're not a beginner. I want to have another pair under my belt before I start on a pair for a complete stranger, though.

Nope, I haven't touched my skirt since the last post about it. But I've got the elastic, so as soon as I'm between socks, I'll take a break and work on that. I'm just really anxious to finish these socks, and I should always give in to those urges, since I have them so rarely.

Yes, I owe the blog some photos. Yep, I'm procrastinating. Could you tell?


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