Sunday, January 22, 2006

Amost Finished!

Oh, the story of my life. I get nearly finished and move on to the next thing. Bad me.

So I ended up knitting the toe of one of the pair of socks no less than three times. What's left to do? Weeeeellll, the graft needs to be fiddled with, then I need to make the ends disappear. I can't seem to figure out how to keep my tension consistent on a kitchner stitch, so I did about 1/3 way too tight, 1/3 way too loose and 1/3 about right.

Next toe's gonna be the "basic" toe. I think I could stand to kitchner 8-12 stitches, but no more. Absolutely never again am I going to kitchner 30 stitches.

At least not all in a row.

And instead of working on the waist band of my skirt, I finished dropping the stitches on a clapotis-style scarf. I need to weave the ends in on that and block it. That's a gift I'll be giving in two weeks, since I didn't give it today. I probably should have given it last week. Well, I guess I'll have time to photograph it before I give it away, eh?

I started another pair of socks. It turns out this is being called "the year of the sock" in some knitting circles. I can see why. I'm going to participate in the 2000 socks project, even though I can't count my first January sock, since I found the blog on ... January 21, one day too late for the January deadline. Hah! Figures.

I also visited a friend this afternoon who has knitted a scarf with a yarn that I've been unable to decide what to do with. Berocco's Softy, color 2943. I am fighting the temptation to start a scarf. Um, that's another scarf.

Sockapalooza signups are Tuesday only. Don't forget.

Oh, good. I forgot what I was going to whine about. Very good.


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